Sunday, April 6, 2014

LEFT INSIDE: Identify this DJ Piece and Win a Book!

Hey gang, this a combination Left Inside post and a contest!

It's not a mystery to me, but it may be to you. I know the book in which I found this fragment of a front panel DJ being used as a bookmark.  But can you identify that book?

Your only hint: I reviewed the book in the past two weeks. The intact front panel of the original first edition DJ was used to illustrate my post. Your mission should you choose to accept it: Locate that post and match the piece shown here to the correct DJ.

Ignore the purple background.  That was a heavy book I needed to place on top of the DJ fragment in order to get it to stay put on the scanner. Pay attention only to the two letters and the yellow and white of the original design.

DO NOT LEAVE THE ANSWER IN THE COMMENTS. Instead, please email your answer. There is an email link on my profile page here.

First three people with the correct answer will receive a free book of your choosing from a list I will email you. The list will be made up of nearly every book -- both new and vintage -- that I have reviewed since the beginning of the year, plus a slew of review copies from this year and 2013 that I have amassed. Here's a chance to get a scarce vintage book or a relatively new one for free!

Good luck, Mr. Phelps.

*   *   *

Well, that was over rather fast.  I got several replies within two hours of the post and all (of course!) were 100% correct. The DJ fragment comes from Death Goes to A Reunion by Kathleen Moore Knight. The three winners are:  Brian Busby, Noah Stewart and Kelly Robinson. Shortly, I'll be sending you the list from which you can choose your book. Thanks to all who participated. Good to hear from some of you "lurkers!"


  1. Thanks so much, John! And what a fun puzzle, just right for my brain on the weekend LOL.

  2. Thank you, John. 'Twas good fun. Hey, how is it that Canadians took two of the three spots?

    1. I guess all you Canucks are in tune with the Pretty Sinister Books vibe on Sunday mornings. I got players from Italy, Germany and the UK, too! Very few from the U S of A.

  3. Hello John,

    Thanks for the comp. it finally enticed me out of the shadows. As they say in radio-land; Long time listener, first time caller.

    I look forward to reading more reviews, they do send me off to the mouldy stacks of the 2ndhand book shops, sadly a disappearing treasure in the UK.

    As you may have guessed I'm one of the UK players. to be exact, Manchester, England. The first industrialised city, not that we tend to celebrate our history or even keep it, here.

    Thanks again,