Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The National Classic Mystery Lending Library

Richard R. left a comment here a few days ago coming up with a brilliant idea. What we need is some sort of central location that would lend to discriminating readers these forgotten and long out of print books I have been writing about.  And all the others who have been writing about similar books elsewhere in the blogosphere.

Here's my proposal. 

While I cannot actually become a huge distribution center for the entire country, I am willing to loan out any book to any reader who visits my blog. I can be a Midwestern version in miniature for starters. Don't all gasp. You all love books and I know you would take care of anything I would send your way. 

So if you are having difficulty locating a copy through your local library, through interlibrary loan or buying an affordable copy in a used bookstore or via the internet, I will happily let you read my copy.

1. Click on the "View my complete profile" link at the bottom of the ABOUT ME box on the right side of this page.
2. Find the Email link on the left side of my profile page.
3. Click on the link and send me an email with the title you want to read and your mailing address.
4. I send you the book via Priority Mail and include a return label and a Priority stamp to return the book.

No cost!  When returning all you have to do is provide the Priority Mail box (they're free at any post office) and pack it up with tender care.

Unfortunately, I can only do this for people in the US. Can't afford to ship for free outside of the country.

It's the least I can do.


  1. Gasp! I know you said not to, but how can one refrain from feeling astonishment at this incredibly kind offer? I plan to take you up on it, of course, but only rarely, when the local library and its various related entities don't have what I want, or I can't find the book for sale at a reasonable cost. You're a gem. There will be a place reserved for you right next to Christianna Brand in Vintage Mystery Heaven.

  2. John, did you hear that "thunk"? That was my jaw dropping. Oh wow. What a tremendous offer. Like I need more books to read...but I'm going to have to look through my TBR lists and see what I want to see if you have......

  3. Yeah, I fell over, John. Now I'm picking myself up, carefully. :) You are too much. If I have library trouble I may just take you up on your kind and astonishing offer. You're a peach. I am definitely going to check and see what you have on your list.

  4. Wow, I can't think of an idea I had, formed into a comment, coming to life in this way before. I think you may be taking on too much, though. At least let people pay to return the book to you! And if this thing takes off, maybe a few others could join in, and it would be great i the borrowers would agree to post a review of the book on their own blog.

    I can hardly wait to see how this works!

    Richard Robinson
    Portland, OR
    aka Richard R.