Saturday, September 10, 2016

COVERING THEIR TRACKS - "Whodunit?"- Tavares

Who stole my baby?
Everyone in the room looks shady
...It's a bedside mystery!

Ah, the disco era! Platforms shoes, bell bottom pants, pooka shell necklaces, the "Dry Look", feathered hair, sequins and mirror balls. And all that wild and crazy music. Remember Tavares? Well, frankly neither do I. But this is another fun tune. I can't imagine this filled up the dance floor if it ever was played in the discos of days gone by, but I'd be among those laughing and smiling had I heard it. 

This may be the prizewinner for a pop tune mentioning fictional detectives and not only from books. Toward the end there is a long list of TV show detectives: Baretta, McCloud, Kojak, and Ironside. And just before the fade out you'll hear: "Tell Dirty Harry we're supposed to get married."

Hey, where's the phone to call Sherlock Holmes
[Somebody took my baby]
I've been framed by what's-his-name
And he's gettin' away

Charlie Chan, see if you can
Help me find those two, won't you?
Where were you on the night of the 12th?
[I was by myself]
She went dancin' in the dark,
Somebody stole her heart

Ellery Queen, if you're so keen
Won't you help me find my sweet thing? (Yeah, yeah)

Written by Frederick J. Perren, Keni St. Lewis
© Universal Music Publishing Group


  1. I'm driven to capitals: THIS IS FANTASTIC.

    1. How about those dance moves? We used to think that was choreography. HA!

  2. Good one, I like it a lot, and all those detectives. Groovy. I'd not heard - or else don't remember - these guys at all, I'll have to look 'em up.

  3. Darn it, I can't get this song out of my head, or at least the refrain. For the third night, I woke up with it going. I've watched the video a few more times, No luck. Listened to other music, same result. Arrrrgh!

    1. I suffered the same temporary curse, Richard. It's got a "great hook" as the say in the music biz. Found myself humming it, whistling it, and repeating some of the lyrics over and over for days. "For crying out loud/Somebody call McCloud" HA!