Saturday, September 17, 2016

COVERING THEIR TRACKS: "Continental Op" - Rory Gallagher

Check my reputation
Check my pose
First you ought to check my fee

An all out tribute to Dashiell Hammett's nameless private eye. Amazing video for this rockin' bluesy tune. Gallagher was an Irish musician who died in 1995. I'd never heard of him until I found this tune. This song comes from his penultimate album Defender released in 1987.

So who are they gonna get
When the trouble's gotta stop?
Here's my card
I'm the
Continental Op


  1. What you said: amazing video for a rocking' bluesy tune. I like it a lot. Thanks again, you're scoring 10s with this series.

  2. Nice video! I'm reading 'Red Harvest' for the first time, and really enjoying it. It's criminal that the book isn't as well known as 'The Maltese Falcon' and 'The Thin Man'.

  3. That is fascinating, John. I enjoyed the video.