Saturday, May 30, 2015

NEWS FLASH! Dead Man's Quarry in paperback again!

I have been checking for the past two weeks to let you know when Dead Man's Quarry would be available for purchase again in paperback.  After some rigamarole with the publisher finally got things sorted out and you can now order a brand new paperback copy free of printing errors. Should've taken only a few days instead of nearly three weeks.

The price is $13.99 which I think is reasonable for a trade paperback. They have only two in stock -- that might explain the delay in making it available again -- so act now. The book is really very good. Worth every penny.

Here's the direct link to the Dead Man's Quarry page to save you time. Click away to your heart's content!


  1. Thanks for the heads up, John!

  2. And I've already bought the ebook. Rats. Still, I have it to read, and that's good.