Sunday, March 11, 2012

LEFT INSIDE: Custom Bookplates

Here's a collection of custom bookplates.

The only person I was successful in discovering anything about was the man at left. Mr. Ryan attended University of Illinois at Chicago during the 1930s where he studied business and accounting. I know nothing about anyone else whose names appear on these bookplates.

Neil McKnight seems to have a vague ring about it.  It's possible he may be either a collector of note or someone in the book trade - a critic or bibliographer perhaps.  A Google search, however, turned up zippo on him.

I've seen the Neil McKnight bookplate several times and they tend to turn up in science fiction and supernatural books.  I can't remember which book this fell out of.


  1. I love bookplates, but learned early not to use them as they "deface" the book. Antioch made a lot of great ones, I had a catalog about 40 years ago or so.

  2. very nice~! I love this matter as well.