Monday, March 12, 2012

A Collaborative Act

Nick Jones, who writes the Existential Ennui  blog and is one mad book collector I'd like go shopping with if I ever get to the U.K. again, asked me to participate in an interview with Christopher Nicole, author of numerous historical novels and as "Andrew York" is the writer of the Jonas Wilde spy novels. I came up with some rambling, harebrained questions about his spy fiction that go on and on in my avidly curious and probing fashion while Nick came up with some more pertinent and streamlined questions that address Nicole's entire career as a writer. Nicole's answers are surprisingly terse and in some cases disappointingly prosaic. But the entire interview makes for great reading. It's always fascinating to get inside the head of a writer, I think.

Please visit Nick's blog here to read the interview. You'll learn more about Christopher Nicole's work outside of the spy novels (a very small portion of his prolific output), discover his personal favorites among his books, and many other interesting tidbits including why Jonas Wilde stopped drinking Bacardi.

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