Sunday, July 31, 2016

"Ah, Sun-Flower! weary of time"

Some photos of our rooftop garden.  Sunflowers, zinnias, lantana plants and a slew of others. We had many early blooming plants this year due to lots of rain in late June and early July. Probably the best flowers we've grown. All the sunflowers were grown from seed, others were small plants purchased from nurseries and transplanted to large containers. In some cases those small plants are now four times their original size.

The sunflower varietals are named (in order as shown below) Evening Sun, Lemon Queen and Mexican Torch. A few more with even odder names have yet to bloom but I expect them to all explode in a burst of color by the end of this week.



  1. Gorgeous! I especially love the Lantana, which I used to grow as a year-round shrub in SoCal, but is an annual here (as it must be for you). Your Sunflowers are very cool, and nice variety. Everything looks just great! Thanks very much for sharing these photos of your rooftop garden. (I wish my Million Bells looked that good. It's the soil)

    1. Yes, all of these are annuals. We chose these sunflowers specifically for their ease in adapting to containers. The others yet to bloom are dwarf sunflower species. They'll only get to be about 6-8" high and have much smaller flowers.

  2. Beautiful pictures. Here in Texas only the cactus seems to be green these days!

  3. Wonderful - looking at these sunflowers is like being back at my folks' place in Umbria (for which I am currently pining).

  4. John, those sunflowers look gorgeous and your rooftop garden is delightful to look at, even in pictures.