Tuesday, August 2, 2011

ODDITIES: Hang Ten, Hercule!

Cowabunga!  Who would ever have thought that the Grand Dame of the Mystery Novel was into surfing?

Peter Robinson, a researcher, at the Museum of British Surfing, has discovered photographs and proof that Dame Agatha, along with first husband Archie, hit the waves and attempted stand up surfing in 1922 while on a Hawaiian vacation.

Read the article here.


  1. Why don't you enter this intriguing bit of news in the Agatha Christie monthly Carnival, John?

    It's hosted by Kerrie Smith at her blog, MYSTERIES IN PARADISE. (I still can't do insert links here.) If you go to my blog and look for the MIP link on the lower right hand side where I list blogs, you'll find the link.

  2. Oh, I see you are already acquainted with Kerrie. Oops. Then you know the routine. :)

  3. Wouldn't be worth it. Kerrie already has it posted on her Christie page on the right hand column labeled "Christie News." I stumbled across this when reading another Telegraph article by Philip Hensher who calls thriller readers morons among other unkind and juvenile things. It's a snide and patronizing piece guaranteed to curl the toes of people like us.

  4. Why do you bother reading that sort of elitist crap? Life's too short, John.

    I love the illustration you used, by the way. :)

  5. That's a very typical activity at that time in Hawaii, and has continued since. No more surprising to me that that they got a lei or attended a luau.

  6. You're not the slightest bit surprised that Agatha Christie was a surfer? Not one iota? Geez. The article talks about the difference between body boarding and stand up surfing which apparently was just catching on in Britain. I learned something at least. And I thought it was fascinating to learn that Aahta and Archie liked to ride the waves. At least they had some fun beore Archie turned out to be a rotter and adulterer.