Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Little Grey Cells Not Included

First I read of Judge Dee becoming a martial arts expert and ghost fighting detective in a recent Hong Kong action flick.  Then all this talk about toy detective action figures (see posts at The Rap Sheet and Mystery Fanfare).  It got me hunting the internet for the possibility of action figures more suited to my kind of mystery novel hero. Look who I found!

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Like the Jim Rockford figure this one of the brilliant Hercule is not for sale and is a one of a kind.  Found at the website, an internet fan site devoted to custom action figure making.


  1. I demand a Tom Ripley action figure!

    Ooh, ooh, no, wait: a Parker action figure. Based on the Gold Medal Robert McGinnis covers.

    God, I'm such a massive nerd...

  2. Nick -

    I think the accessories for a Ripley figure would be fun. A cool sports car, a collection of fine art in ornate frames, and a wire garrote for all the people who bother him.

    I thought this was amazing. The guy even has a breakdown on how he made the clothes and where some of the other items (like the shoes) came from. Trouble is I don't understand half of the abbreviations. Action figure making code obviously. Trade secrets and all.

    (a slew of embarrassing typos in previously deleted comment)

  3. Oh, a Hercule Action Figure. No, the pants are all wrong. Poirot would never be seen in public in wrinkled wobbly pants.

    I saw a Jim Rockford figure on one of the blogs recently. :)

  4. Poirot doesn't wear corresondent shoes. He wears spats. Picky. Picky.

  5. The artist had to make due with supplies at hand. I'm sure you'd understand. For heaven's sakes -- He made a teeny bow tie out of the silk material from a regular sized tie. His hands were probably cramped by then! Who'd want to make teeny spats for teeny shoes?


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