Thursday, February 27, 2020

Home Is the Prisoner/The Little Lie Gets Booklist Rave

Some of you may know that I was involved in another Jean Potts reprint from Stark House Press. After the rousing success of the first Potts twofer -- Go Lovely Rose/The Evil Wish -- the publisher followed up with another two-in-one volume. That book, Home Is the Prisoner/The Little Lie, was released earlier this month. Greg Shepard sent me yet another glowing review from Booklist.  Although this one didn't achieve a "Booklist Starred" rating like last year's Potts reprint the two new novels clearly come highly recommended.  See the full review below.

Home Is the Prisoner/The Little Lie is available online by visiting the Stark House Press website or any of the usual online bookselling sites. This volume includes another foreword by me about Potts' literary style and innovative contributions to the genre as a crime fiction pioneer.


  1. I will be buying this one for sure, John. I look forward to reading the introduction.

    1. Thanks, Tracy! Hope you enjoy the novels as well as my mini critique.

  2. That sounds great John! She so deserves to be resurrected.