Thursday, April 21, 2016

Not the Girl She Used to Be

I truly can't believe the speed with which the "runaway bestseller" The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins was turned into a movie. Did they start filming the day the book was released?  Lightning speed from page to screen. I've had no desire to read the book because when it comes to mass consumption of bestsellers I refuse to drink the Kool-Aid. But then they go and cast Emily Blunt as the lead. A damn fine actress. And after this extremely enticing sneak peak now I have to see it.

For a change I don't feel like I've seen the entire movie after watching this trailer. It actually did its job by making me eager to see it come October. Of course I know next to nothing about the book and that probably helps.

Have a look for yourself.


  1. I don't read this type of book. Never have. Never will. I dislike Kool-Aid. These are the sorts of mysteries (GONE,GIRL and the like) that are meant, I think, for people to don't read mysteries or thrillers and so therefore are not tired of this sort of trope. I so dislike 'family' mysteries of this sort. Book-Club mysteries, probably. Ugh.

    1. "...the sorts of mysteries...meant, I think, for people [who] don't read mysteries or thrillers"

      BINGO! Books meant for people who "want to belong", be part of the group mindset, something to talk about at lunch or in the elevator, whatever. The kind of people who when they see you carrying a book and are curious ask you not what's it about to engage a real conversation about the book but say "Is it any good?" That only requires a yes or no answer and always is a sign that the person rarely reads for pleasure.

      All the same I think I'm going to watch this movie. But only because of Emily Blunt.

    2. Oops sorry about that 'to' instead of 'who' - that's what comes of typing in a hurry and not editing. At any rate, wanted to add: I also do NOT read books in which the title begins with:
      The Girl Who.....or The (so and so's) Daughter. You know what I mean. The Blacksmith's Daughter, The Zookeeper's Daughter, The Prime Minister's Daughter, The Magician's Daughter, The...well you get it.

  2. I agree with you on Emily Blunt, John. I won't read the book either but I will try the movie, because she is in it.