Thursday, January 1, 2015

Vintage Mystery Bingo Card Reading Challenges - COMPLETED!

Last year I dared myself to cover both the Golden and Silver Age Bingo cards in Bev Hankins' double-edged Vintage Mystery Reading Challenge for 2014. Well, what with my attraction to and immersion in several long newly published books and various other projects that took me away from my pile of Bingo assigned books I didn't quite achieve that goal. Plus those darn categories kept defeating me. I read only 85 books last year which is way down from the over 100 books I read in 2013. That right there ought to tell you that I was busy with many other things than just plopping myself into the comfy couch and poring over dusty tomes. I managed to cover one card and get one Bingo on the other. So I did complete both challenges however disappointed I am in myself for not living up to my daring promise.

Excuses aside I will say that right up to the stroke of midnight yesterday I was still reading one of the books I picked for this intense Reading Challenge. Talk about the "Last Midnight"! (Anyone see the Into the Woods movie, BTW?  Fantastic adaptation for the screen and highly recommended for musical theater fans.) So without further rambling both in and out of parentheses here is my year long devotion to the Golden and Silver Ages of Detective Fiction on Bingo cards.

GOLDEN AGE BINGO CARD - completely filled!
G1 The Ghost Knows His Greengages (color in title)
G2 The Blue Horse of Taxco (set in Mexico)
G3 The Robbery at Rudwick (crime other than murder)
G4 The Man Who Could Not Shudder (locked room/impossible crime)
G5 Death Goes to a Reunion (academic mystery)
G6 My Late Wives (entertainment world, in this case theater)

O1 The Wedding Guest Sat on a Stone (more than one title)
O2 One Drop of Blood (number in title)
O3 Come and Be Killed! (features food, all victims were poisoned in food)
O4 The Glass Spear (author never read before)
O5 Poison Is a Bitter Brew (method of murder in title)
O6 Miss Fenny (woman in title)

L1 A Shroud for Grandmama (spooky title)
L2 Laura (made into a movie)
L3 The Cornish Coast Mystery (amateur detective)
L4 The Mysterious Mr. Badman (man in title)
L5 Facing East (country house mystery)
L6 Return to the Scene (mode of transportation, lots of boats!) Not reviewed.

D1 Armadale (author previously read)
D2 The Case Against Myself (courtroom, lawyers featured)
D3 Mystery of the Dead Police (fellow challenger read this) Not reviewed. See Noah Stewart's post
D4 Death Wears a White Gardenia (professional detective)
D5 The Deadly Climate (involves water, it rained a lot!)
D6 Pilgrim's Rest (outside comfort zone)

E1 Claim of the Fleshless Corpse (detective team)
E2 Murder by the Day ("day" in the title)
E3 Where There's Love There's Hate (translated work)
E4 Thrilling Stories of the Railway (short story collection)
E5 The Careless Hangman (set in England)
E6 The Body in the Beck (book borrowed from library)

N1 Death in the Dovecot (animal in title)
N2 The Pub Crawler (place in title)
N3 The Real Cool Killers (FREE space, applying category for E1 to cover this space)
N4 Nine Doctors and a Madman (features doctors)
N5 Family Matters (author uses a pseudonym)
N6 Murder Masks Miami (set in the USA)

SILVER AGE BINGO CARD - one Bingo line achieved, 22 out of 36 categories covered 
S1 The Burnt Orange Heresy (color in title)
S2 Dive into Danger (set in France)
S3 Witchwater (crime other than murder)
S4 Diplomatic Death (locked room/impossible crime)
S5 The City of Whispering Stone (academic mystery)
S6 Night of the Toads (entertainment world, theater again) BINGO! Not reviewed.

I3 A Deal of Death Caps (food is featured, mushrooms) Not reviewed.
I4 The Body (author never read before)
I6 The Killing of Katie Steelstock (woman in title)

L1 Nightmare Cottage (spooky title)
L2 That Cold Day in the Park (made into a movie)
L4 Hazell Plays Solomon (man in title)

V1 The Chill and the Kill (author previously read)
V4 A Sad Song Singing (professional detective)
V5 Dance to Your Daddy (involves water)

E1 The Sins of the Father (detective team)
E2 An Easter Egg Hunt (season/holiday in title)
E5 Give Me Back Myself (set in England)
E6 The Glass-Sided Ants' Nest (borrowed from library)

R2 The Kentish Manor Murders (place in title)
R5 Act of Fear (author uses pseudonym)
R6 Murder in Black Letter (set in USA)


  1. John, even though you may not have met your personal goal, you still managed an impressive number of books--and always an interesting and intriguing list. Thanks so much for coming back every year and dangling all those terrific books in front of me.

  2. John: I highlight your accomplishments in reading so many and so diverse vintage mystery fiction. I think you should feel pride in fully completing one card and a bingo on the second. It is a real reading challenge and you accomplished a great deal!