Wednesday, August 13, 2014

FOND FAREWELLS: Pleasant Dreams, Mrs. Bogart

While I was mourning the untimely death of Robin Williams yesterday (an event that broke my heart and saddened me for much of the day) something else happened in the entertainment world that nearly passed me by. I just now discover this morning that Lauren Bacall died. Clearly, I'm an entire day behind on the rest of the world.

In tribute to this glamorous actress and all around classy dame, a gallery of stills from some of her better crime related roles and movies.

Slim Browning in To Have and Have Not (1944)

Vivian Rutledge in The Big Sleep (1946)

The Happy Couple circa 1947

Irene Jansen in Dark Passage (1947)

Lucy Moore Hadley in Written on the Wind (1956)

Mrs. Samson in Harper (1966)

"Harriet Hubbard" in Murder on the Orient Express (1974)
(Caroline Hubbard in the book, but doesn't matter. It's an alias)

Sally Ross in The Fan (1981)
The only musical-slasher-stalker movie I know of in existence.
 Dear ol’ James Garner was her co-star. R.I.P. to you too, Rockford.

Lady Westholme in Appointment with Death (1988)
Not the most successful of the Ustinov as Poirot movies by a long shot.
Good night, Mrs. Bogart, wherever you are.


  1. John, I only remember Bacall in The Big Sleep and To Have and Have Not although I haven't read Raymond Chandler's novel on which the first was based. While I have heard about the other films you mention, clearly, I need to see them all. I also don't remember her in Orient Express unless there's another version I'm talking about; saw it a very long time ago.

  2. So sad about Williams as you say - but great to celebrate some of La Bacall's great screen roles across the decades - thanks chum, all very salutary one way or another.

  3. While I love the noir stuff, I particularly loved HOW TO MARRY A MILLIONAIRE. It's one of those comedies I keep going back to. She'll be missed.

  4. Thanks for this post, John. I have, of course, seen Bacall in many movies, but you have pointed out many I have missed and I will follow up on those. It is sad that she is gone. She had a wonderful career.

  5. An era is passing away as each of these great film stars pass. Wish we could go back to those days! Thankful for channels like TCM and Get TV for still bringing them into our living rooms!

  6. A really lovely tribute, and wonderful of you to reference so many of her not-very-well-known films. I like the Mrs. Bogart part, that Robards thing never seemed to click to me.

  7. ["Not the most successful of the Ustinov as Poirot movies by a long shot."]

    It's better than the 2008 version. That's for sure.