Sunday, May 4, 2014

LEFT INSIDE: Chicago Stadium Club Menu

This was left inside a book Joe picked up at one of our many book sale visits. The book, Single Family Home Plans, is a collection of architectural floor plans. The menu inside indicates that the owner of the book probably had a lot of money to throw around.

The menu below is from the Chicago Stadium Club, a perk for "Club Level" subscribers for Bulls and Blackhawks games. Club Level was formerly known as 200 Level, a specific area of the United Center stadium. A visit to the United Center website tells me that this is an older menu because the Chicago Stadium Club is now located on Lexus Club Level. Nearly everything in the United Center is sponsored and named for the sponsoring corporation these days.

Click to enlarge so you can read the menu.


  1. John, this is an unusual find inside a book. Did its previous owner use the menu as a bookmark or did he or she leave it inside after ordering a meal? One will never know. I went through the line-up and saw that there are some western snacks that are not available in India, at least not in Mumbai; like branded hot dogs, cheese sticks, and sliced turkey. These are probably available in star hotels. Nachos is popular as are burgers from McDonald’s and KFC and pizzas from Domino’s and Pizza Hut, but I don’t think they're the same as what you get in the West, in spite of catering to the Indian palate.

    1. You never know what people shove into their books. I always have a book in my hand no matter where I go. For years I used books as a substitute for an attache cae. I carried around theater tickets, letters, bus transfers, bank statements, mail ready for the post office and sometimes spare dollars in books. I can imagine the previous owner of Single Family Home Plans was having a meeting with an architect at the United Center and wasn't even there to watch the game.

  2. Those appetizers are on almost every menu we look at now. When did pretzels get so popular again?