Thursday, June 6, 2013

Animation Noir - "The Mystery of You" by Spencer Day

Spencer Day, an original young jazz vocalist, released a new album back in March. Here's the animated video that accompanies the title track "The Mystery of You." It's a film noir in miniature with a jazz vocal soundtrack.

I thought it was very appropriate for this blog. Check it out.

The video was created and directed by veteran animator Eric Deuel who is best known for his work on the two Kung Fu Panda movies. More about Deuel at his website here.


  1. This is wonderful John ("somehow you infiltrated me") - the animation is great and frankly I'd rather watch this twnety times that sit through the misanthopic SIN CITY again.

    1. I watched it four times when I first found it because I was really listening to the words first. Then I realized I missed an awful lot visually. I like how the editing matches the rhythm of the song at several points.