Sunday, May 22, 2011


For your viewing pleasure a variety of death themed DJs whether the use of the word in the title or artfully rendered victims in their final moments of life.  Refreshments served in the parlor after you've paid your respects. Donations accepted in lieu of flowers.

As usual the first and last are at full size.  Click on the other images to get the full effect.


  1. That one is just so interesting. You have the man laid out on the death plot under what looks like a crime prevention booth. And in the back gound, a carnival of all things. Love these old dust jackets.

  2. Super covers. Have you read "Death from Nowhere?" Doesn't the leopard (or whatever it is) have one human hand and one paw with Wolverine talons?

  3. I was thinking there was a Poirot cover with a cards and death cover...

  4. Rick -

    You're right. Although I don't own many Christie 1st DJs, I did a little research and found something close. You might be thinking of this one:
    It's the Dodd Mead 1st edition of Cards on the Table.

  5. Carol -

    I have read most of the Stuart Towne stories. He's really Clayton Rawson who wrote the Great Merlini books. As "Stuart Towne" he created a second magician detective named Don Diavolo. In Death from Nowhere (originally published in a pulp magazine as The Claws of Satan), a murderer attempts to make his victims appear to have been attacked by an animal. The murder method is actually... Oh, no. I can't do that. But if you know Cornell Woolrich's book Black Alibi you may catch on. And, of course, a clever study of the cover (as you noted) gives away part of the answer.

  6. Yep, that's it, John. Good find. All I could think of was Thirteen At Dinner but that didn't seem right.