Monday, May 30, 2011

Drawing on the Past #1: HERMANN HEYER

I think I'll alternate between dust jacket art and illustration art for a while. I have a large file of scans of internal illustration from books I sold over the years. The two below are taken from Through the Wall by Cleveland Moffet (Appleton, 1909). The artist is H. Heyer. My diligent internet searching failed to come up with the artist's first name.*

*December 23, 2013 UPDATE. Thanks to an assiduous reader doing research on this artist who just happened to stumble across this post we now know the first name of the artist. See his email to me below:

"I happened to be searching for the illustrator H. Heyer on the internet when I ran across your blog. This morning I found an old book, part of the 'Famous Pepper Books' 12 volume series, published by Norwood Press, Norwood Mass., U.S.A., copyright Lothrop, Lee & Shepard Co., Boston, authored by Margaret Sydney. This one, copyright 1891 & 1893, is titled, 'Five Little Peppers Midway.' What caught my attention was the wonderful illustrations in this book (I haven't even read it, yet)! The inscription at the bottom of one of the illustrations, as well as being listed as illustrator on the title page, is Hermann Heyer. A few others say H. Hyer or are untitled. This name didn't give any Google results until I tried H. Heyer which led me to your blog. The illustrations in this book certainly are similar to those posted on your site. I hope this helps. Two other books by Margaret Sydney are 'The Little Maid of Concord Town' & 'The Little Maid of Boston Town', which may be illustrated by Hermann Heyer as well."

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  1. These look like the sort of illustrations Gibson might have done had he done these sorts of illustrations. If you get my drift. I love to come upon an odd illustration or two in an old book. That has happned a couple of times with my Mary Roberts Rinehart reading.