Saturday, June 7, 2014

Doyle's Kids Quiz Results

Below are the answers to the Literary IQ quiz "Children in Sherlock Holmes Stories"posted a few days ago.

According to the rules a perfect score is 96 and required naming the characters (2 pts each) as well as the stories (10 pts).

Lucky winners are:  Noah Stewart (96) and Neer (94).  Sorry, Neeru you got the character's last name wrong for #8 and I couldn't give you the extra points.  Emails with the prize list of books are going out later today.  Thanks for playing!

I'm off to the Printer's Row Book Fest in an hour.  I'll have a post of my finds/purchases tomorrow.


  1. Whoohoo!! Thanks, John, for finding this great little quiz and bringing it to us.

  2. Thanks John.It was fun playing the quiz. Hope you post more of the same.

  3. Lovely quiz John, sadly I was hopeless at it.



  4. I've read the works multiple times, but off the to of my head couldn't answer one of the questions. Enjoyed looking at it, though. Congrats to the winner!

  5. Just wanted to say thanks again, and I've reviewed my prize: see