Monday, November 21, 2011

Twittering Visitors Get a Sample of Keeler-mania

I get linked a lot these days -- mostly from other reading blogs pointing out a great review of an overlooked book. I enjoy when that happens. But I don't know what to make of this latest link.

I noticed an unusually high bit of traffic today to my review of Harry Stephen Keeler's The Green Jade Hand. I know the only way that could've happened was that someone had linked to the post. (Keeler just isn't that popular unless someone draws your attention to him.)  A bit of detective work turned up this tweet from "notjessewalker."
You COULD read the latest Schoen/Caddell column, but really, this makes much more sense:
The link leads to my review of The Green Jade Hand.

Turns out "not jessewalker" IS Jesse Walker, a senior editor at the online magazine and owner of the blog The Perpetual Three Dot Column.  The Douglas Schoen/Patrick Caddell column is here.  They write for The Wall Street Journal.  I don't read that paper and had never heard of them before today.

Here's the dilemma I face:  I'm not sure if Walker is making fun of the columnists' article on their suggestion that Obama drop out of the presidential race and likening their "reasoning" to Keeler's incomprehensible plots or if he's calling my review incomprehensible.  It's clear that "this makes much more sense" is meant as an ironic statement. I'm feeling a little wounded today.

Should I be thanking Jesse Walker for the increased traffic or should I be sending him a flaming email for insulting my writing?


  1. Look at this way, any bump is a good bump.

  2. John, I don't think for a moment that "this makes more sense" was written in reference to your writing; Keeler is our man. Reading Messrs Schoen and Caddell brought eye-rolling, heavy sighs and an "Oh, brother." Their opinion piece was silly - but not silly fun like The Green Jade Hand. Your review of the latter succeeds in covering well the incomprehensible. Good on you... and good on Jesse Walker for bringing attention to your fine blog.

  3. Tim & Brian -

    I used to joke that I have a genetic sense of insecurity. And as Woody Allen once said, "The only athletic thing I can do is jump to conclusions." You're both right.
    Thanks for reassuring me.

  4. I was comparing the logic of the op-ed to the logic of a Keeler plot. No put-down of your excellent website was intended.


    Jesse Walker

  5. Thanks - for the link and the explanation. I got over my bummer of a mood shortly after I posted this bit.

  6. Frankly, I'd rather read any Keeler--even if it were written in Sanskrit--than waste one moment on an OpEd in the WSJ since Rupert Murdoch got his claws into it.