Friday, August 21, 2015

See You In September

No Friday's Forgotten Book for the next two weeks, gang. I'm trying to finish up three essays that are due by the end of this month. And we have multiple home projects going on that are demanding what's left of my little free time.

And so -- I'll see in you September. Take it away, boys!


  1. Hello John,

    Hope all is well and you catch up with your projects.

    You not post is a mixed blessing, I'll miss your wonderful words and book recommendations and that is the problem. I now have an even bigger backlog of books, I've been reading The Dr. Thorndyke stories and even picked up a John Blackburn novel on a trip to Derby, it's a dilemma but a pleasant one. Thank you.


  2. I will be glad to see you back in September, and hope you get lots done in the meantime and enjoy yourself too.