Monday, February 10, 2014

Hothouse Melodrama!

Check out that pistol packin' mama!  If Fritzi Haller ever carried a weapon she couldn't look any more threatening. That gorgeous illustration is the cover painting for the latest reprint from Raven's Head Press.  The artist for our new edition is Fernando Vicente whose sexy artwork can be viewed here.

Desert Town by Ramona Stewart is the second release from Raven's Head Press and is now available for purchase here. Our new edition includes a nifty foreword by yours truly detailing the interesting writing career of Stewart from her debut in the pages of Collier's to her offbeat stories for other "slicks" and her culmination as a 1970s occult horror writer.  I'll be receiving a few copies for promotional purposes and once again I'm offering two books as giveaways.

To be eligible for a free copy of Desert Town just leave a comment below. This time in your comment I'd like you to tell me your favorite pulp cover artist or your favorite pulp cover illustration.  Book or magazine, it doesn't matter which.  On Saturday, February 15 I'll announce the two winners who will be chosen by a very amateurish random selection process that I'd rather not divulge.

Unfortunately, the giveaway is limited to the United States and Canada.  We're a small operation here and the shipping is coming out of my pocket. Sorry, I can't afford the $15 or more airmail postage to the UK or parts farther away.

If you missed my review of the book last fall please do read it.



  1. Fantabulous John - so glad to see your second release (sic) - can;t wait to get my hands on it - thanks chum (and keep up the good work, for all our sakes)

  2. Jean Chapman, cover of Torment Was a Redhead by Richard Williams. 1962, Fleetway , UK.

    Sexton Blake 498.

  3. I've been a Rudolph Belarski fan since the first time I saw one of his covers for Popular Library -- that I later learned had been repurposed from the pulps.

  4. I don't know if they're quite pulp, but those Tom Adams covers for the BB Raymond Chandler paperbacks are like Proustian madeleines for my misspent youth.

  5. Wonderful, John. I had missed that earlier review and enjoyed reading it just now.

    My favorite pulp artist is easy... although there are many good ones: Robert McGinnis.

  6. Since the giveaway is for a female writer, let me put in a vote for a female artist: Margaret Brundage.

  7. Belated congratulations, John. A bit late to enter your draw, I expect, but I thought I'd share my favourite pulp cover. I Hate You to Death isn't strictly from the pulps, but is pulpy just the same. You'll remember it is about a group of writers who feel like killing their publisher… then one of them does. Very different from Raven's Head, of course!