Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Real Star Trek (w/ a nod to David Bowie)

While everyone else is excited for the new Star Trek movie to open. I was astounded by this real life star trek from astronaut Chris Hadfield.

Because I love David Bowie a friend sent me this video. I am not a Twitter follower and I'm not really up on the latest in astrophysics or the space program, but Hadfield's amazing video makes me wish I had been paying a little more attention to his stay out in space. The video below is mind blowing and awesome in the genuine sense of that much overused word.

No amount of movie special effects can match what is contained in the frame below. Reminds me of some words from Jeff Weiss -- playwright, clown, tragedian, old soul, and once a good friend:
"We dance like puppets in the candlelight...the immensity of heaven, the terrible smallness of man."

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  1. Great stuff John - saw the new TREK movie at the weekend and had a good time but was surprised how much of a pastiche of the earlier series and movies it was.