Friday, September 5, 2014

Bury Me Deep Giveaway Winners

No Friday's Forgotten Book from me this week. I'm reading a lot, and the reviews are piling up. When I will actually take the time to write them up is a mystery even Holmes can't solve. Too much going on over here.

But I do have some good news.

Chosen completely by an electronic random number generator (the internet is amazing with all these digital gadgets) here are the winners of last week's book giveaway. Each participant was assigned a number based on where they appeared in the list of comments. May I have the envelope please? And the free copies of Bury Me Deep go to...

2. TracyK from Bitter Tea & Mystery

Please send me an email by clicking here and give me your preferred mailing address. If I get all your replies by Saturday morning I can mail the books tomorrow.

Thanks for playing! Congrats to all the winners.


  1. Great, John! Congrats to Keishon, Tracy, and Bill! I, too, am reading more books than I can review. Most of my reviews are unplanned. Sometimes, owing to lack of time I review only those books that'd be easier and faster to write about, where the plot is least complicated.

  2. Well done guys - now, if Amazon would just get a move on and ship me my copy ...

  3. Thanks, John. I feel so lucky to have won. Email has been sent.

  4. This is so cool. Thank you!!! Email sent.

  5. John: Tried to send an email tonight. Not sure it got through. Will try again tomorrow. Thanks for the good news. I did a little fist pump when I read I was a winner!