Friday, September 26, 2014

Please Stand By...

Ridiculously busy this week and probably for the next month or so...

I have an essay for today's Friday Forgotten Book meme but it's unfinished and I don't like posting essays in one version and then later updating it a few hours later. Usually people don't return to read the full review. So instead I'll alert the few regular readers of this blog to come back later tonight (or tomorrow) when I will have my weekly Friday's Forgotten Book review ready for all.

It will also be my book for the 1958 Mystery Reading Challenge sponsored by Rich Westwood at Past Offenses. It happens to be the first book I've ever read by a writer who I have been interested in trying out for a long time -- Chester Himes. And it was quite an eye opener. Not at all what I expected. In fact, very, VERY modern for 1958. Of course it was published first in France so Himes was allowed to be more free with his language and attitude. "More anon" they used to say in the Elizabethan funny papers.


  1. I'll look forward to the Himes review John.

    I like the test card. We always had a very odd image of a girl playing noughts and crosses with a clown. I just found it on the BBC News site described as: 'The never-ending game. The poker-faced, Alice-banded girl locked in eternal combat with the gurning stuffed clown.'

    Anyway, not really anything to do with crime fiction...

  2. John, I look forward to your post on a book by Chester Himes. I haven't read anything by him either, and I am interested to know what you expected and what you found.