Sunday, July 29, 2012


For a change I've done a post based on the DJ artist rather than a theme or motif in the deisgn. In my brief research I learned that Vera Bock not only was a DJ artist for the "Crime Club" imprint from Doubleday, she was a noted children's book illustrator and WPA poster designer. More about her work and life can be found here.

In addition to the Crime Club DJs I knew of I went hunting the interweb for as many other examples as I could find. I thought she was primarily a surreal artist, but it turns out she had many moods as you can see for yourself.


  1. Lovely jackets. And I loved THE GO-BETWEEN by L.P. Hartley.

  2. Great jackets. The Complete Murder Sampler is terrific.

  3. Great stuff, John. I pinned a couple to my A Vintage Mystery board. :)


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