Friday, January 26, 2018

FFB: The Other Passenger - John Keir Cross, illus. Bruce Angrave

This post was promised several years ago and got lost in my Drafts folder.  With the recent reissue of The Other Passenger by Valancourt Books I thought I ought to finish up and unveil these striking works of surrealistic art that appeared in the original UK edition of John Keir Cross' collection of macabre short stories.  The artist is Bruce Angrave.  The Other Passenger was originally published by John Westhouse (publishers) Ltd. in 1944 and cost a whopping £12, 6p, almost twice the usual 7/6 for a regular hardback at that time. And what a gorgeous book it is.

The paintings -- starting with the one at left and going in order to the bottom of the post -- illustrate the following stories:

"Couleur de Rose," "The Glass Eye," "The Last of the Romantics," "Hands," "Miss Thing and the Surrealists," "Music When Soft Voices Die...","The Other Passenger"

To see a variety of Bruce Angrave's illustration art click here.  Scroll down to the list of categories and click on the black boxes on the left to see his art work. A brief sketch on the life and work of John Keir Cross is included in an especially commissioned introduction I wrote for the new edition of The Other Passenger reissued by Valancourt Books.

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  1. VERY intriguing artwork, John, thanks for this. I thought at first: Dali! But settled for Dali-esque. :) I'm going to check out more about this artist beginning with your link.