Thursday, March 2, 2017

The Hex Murder has been reprinted!

Back in October 2016 I wrote an enthusiastic review on an obscure mystery novel about the Amish and powwow men. It's called The Hex Murder by Forrester Hazard who in reality was Alexander Williams, Jr. Much to my surprise the book has been reprinted by Coachwhip Publications thanks in large part to my review. It's been reissued under Williams' real name rather than his pseudonym, something of a standard practice in vintage mystery reprinting these days.

Curt Evans had a hand in it all, of course. I give him yet another digital standing ovation for his great work in reissuing out of print books -- especially very rare titles -- for the readers and fans like you who crave them.

Go buy a copy now!  (I've been saying this a lot lately.)

And to make it all the easier for you just click on this link and you'll be taken to the page instantly.


  1. Fabulous - thanks John (and well done on helping to get this resuscitated), this is definitely my kind of news. I mean, yes, paper is best but this is all good!

  2. Such a great feeling to have a blog post make such an impact. Congratulations, John.

  3. sold to me certainly, I will go and take a look...