Friday, February 25, 2011

VIDEO: Organizing the Bookcase

Les Blatt posted a link to this video at his Classic Mysteries blog. It's excellent.

Stick around for the credits - the book titles start slowly scrolling by until...


  1. I've working on one of my kitcshen bookcase today, trying to tidy up. Trying for some semblance of order.

    I keep putting off working on the living room bookcases - they are a much more daunting task.
    The problem is this: I have more books than I do bookshelves. And I can't bear to part with books.

    Not an original problem - eh?

    Good video, John. Made me smile. ;)

  2. Very timely, as I'm trying to get the boxes of books packed for the move to Portland unpacked and onto the new shelves. Not surprisingly, there are more than I realized, and more than there is room for. Brand new bookcases, already almost full, and boxes left over. Problem was I had them double-shelved in the previous house, and I don't want to do that again. I do have all the mystery softcovers (except those too tall for normal paper cover books) up, and almost all the SF-F (same exception).

    The plan is to put the HC in another room, but now it seems all the softcover overflow and the HC and the miscellaneous books, oversized art books, etc. all go in that other room. Sigh.


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