Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Shadow of Your Style

The blog is not even one month old and I've surprisingly received one of the many awards that get bestowed on those lucky enough to be read by award givers. I am surprised and flattered. I doubt I'll be receiving any more unless the traffic picks up around here (the light is always green, by the way). But no matter. I'm glad it's the blog that's thought of as stylish. If anyone saw my unkempt clothes, unshaven face and bare feet while I was typing madly at this computer the award would most likely be taken away in an instant.

An official thank you goes out to Bev from "My Reader's Block" who gave my this award and who I think is largely responsible for the birth of this blog. It was her Vintage Mystery Reading Challenge that got me to see the light. And I'm glad I did. My world became just a little bit bigger and I've found some nifty, well-read people who like the same kinds of books I do. Not at all a bad decision, I'd say.

I am supposed to pass on this award to three other bloggers. So here goes (in alphabetical order just like they do in theater programs):

Carol Carr - Author of India Black - a Victorian era historical mystery with a brothel madame who also works as a spy. I have yet to read her book, but Carol's eclectic and sophisticated taste in vintage mysteries impressed me. Buy her book and read it!

Steve Lewis - Creator of Mystery*File. Here's where I first started guest blogging on a regular basis.  I submit an article once a month over there now. Excellent source for unusual mystery reading and also movie and TV reviews. (yeah, yeah, it's not "newly discovered." Sue me.)

Yvette - Her blog is called "in so many words..." If there were awards for gracious and friendly people I'd hand one out to Yvette in a heartbeat.  I enjoy reading her book reviews, her movie reviews, and heck almost everything she writes about. Thanks for reading my snippet for that flash fiction contest, Yvette. Try this award on for size. It'll fit swell.


  1. Thanks for this stylish, Stylish Award, John. And thanks for the kind words. You so sweet. Thank you for liking my blog. I'm new too - less than a year old. (I sit at the computer most times bundled up in fleece or flannel wearing sweat-pants and fuzzy slippers. Like a giant rabbit, flailing away at the keyboard). Yeah, I've got style! Ha!

    I love the name of your blog, John, by the way.

  2. Insert an 'are' between the 'you' and the 'sweet'. Jeez. ;)

  3. Thanks, John. All awards gratefully accepted! But all things considered, your blog is already a lot spiffier than mine, um, heaps more stylish.

    Mine is a burgers and fries meal, put together piecemeal, while yours is a well-organized banquet. And let's not go into how each of us looks. I just got up and I'm still in my PJs.

  4. I must be stylish, as I'm fashionably late in posting my thanks to John! I'm also new to the blogging world and like John have found a wonderful new set of friends on the net who share my interests in crime fiction. And it's good to know that nobody sets any sartorial standards when blogging.