Sunday, May 27, 2012

JACKET REQUIRED: Murder in the Last Frontier

In response to Steve Lewis' review of Murder Wears Mukluks by Eunice Mays Boyd posted a few days ago at Mystery*File I mentioned that I owned all her books in DJ.  But when I went to my shelves I was proven wrong.  Of the three books only two had DJs.  And so here they are with a lovely map frontispiece doing an understudy bit for the missing DJ.

She wrote only three mysteries, all set in Alaska, the first mystery writer I believe who used that state for the primary setting. Her detective character is F. Millard Smyth, a "little mild-mannered grocer."

All of these photos are at the original size, so clicking won't enlarge them this time.

Boyd's first book - 1943
Honorable Mention in the "3rd Mary Roberts Rinehart Mystery Contest"

from Doom in the Midnight Sun - 1944
The book is simply red with titles on the spine only. Makes for a boring photo.

Her third and final book - 1945


  1. Great covers, John!

    Doom in the Midnight Sun sounds for some reason very familiar.

  2. I have Murder Breaks Trail in dj too. I keep thinking what if the title were Murder Breaks Wind, but then I suppose I have a low mind.


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