Sunday, January 6, 2013

You Like Me! You Like Me!

Yes, that's me embarrassing myself with an allusion to Sally Field's embarrassing effusion when she won her second Academy Award. I learned over the weekend that I was given quite an award -- Best Blog of 2012.  I was lucky number 13 in a list of the baker's dozen of winners given this nifty honor by Jeff Flugel who blogs (mostly) about movies at The Stalking Moon.  I was flabbergasted and flattered and floored.  Of course I profusely thanked him and told him that the other bloggers are a lot more interesting than this obsessive corner of cyberspace which I always think of having a very small reading public of like minded mystery and genre fiction fanatics.  But I'll take the badge of honor and display it proudly. You'll see I have already done over there on the right.

As is the case with these blog awards I am supposed to follow through with some rules:

1. Post a link to the blog that created the award.  You can read all about "Blog of the Year 2012" at The Thought Palette.

2. Post a link to the blog that gave you the award. (see above)

3. Write a post about getting the award.

4. Pass on the award to as many deserving blogs you want to. (see below)

And here are the blogs I regularly read that I think are the best of 2012.  I've picked the mystical number nine for a lot of stupid personal superstitious reasons.  Each of these blogs is entertaining, informative (I often learn something once a week), and most importantly every single blog writer creates and enhances a sense of community among its readers. Each of the blogs below has a diverse international readership, frequent new visitors who leave comments, and creates an atmosphere that welcomes discussion on the posts. Thanks to you all. Here's to more wonderful discussions and debates in 2013.

Tipping the Fedora
My Reader's Block
in so many words...
The Passing Tramp
Christopher Fowler's Blog
Chess, Comics, Crosswords, Music, Cinema
Existential Ennui


  1. Hey...I'm one of those guys who thinks 13 is a lucky number!

    I was all too happy to pass on the award to you, John. I think you're doing terrific work here, and I always learn a lot of useful info about other mystery books and authors that are new to me. Happy to make your acquaintance in the last bit of 2012 and look forward to seeing what goodies will grace this site in 2013!

  2. Many congratulations, John! A well-deserved award for Pretty Sinister Books. And (this is embarrassing, really) thanks very much for bestowing one on my blog. I couldn't agree more with Jeff. You have introduced me to some very fine vintage mystery authors and their books, and each time I am thinking—why didn't I see this book first? My best wishes to you and your blog for a wonderful 2013.

  3. You honour and you flatter my little blog - thanks John, very kind of you. Thanks chum.


  4. Congrats, John - well deserved. I got your award notice (Thank you!) and will blog about it shortly. I also received the award from another blogger so I'm feeling twice appreciated. :)

  5. Congrats, John. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

  6. Congratulations! I certainly enjoy your blog and its informed look at the great wide world of genre literature.

    By the way, Sally may be winning an Oscar again. If they still really like her, of course!

  7. Congratulations, John. Well deserved.

  8. Pretty Sinister is, indeed, an amazing and award-worthy site. Congratulations, John. Yours is one of the first blogs that I visit each week as I make my rounds to the Web's various classic-mystery sites. I envy your ability to read so much, and to write so much, and to cover such a wide variety of material in such a thoughtful manner.

  9. Congratulations to you! You certainly deserve it. This is a terrific site and you have taught me so very much about my beloved vintage mysteries over the last few years. Thanks for passing the award along to me--I'm not sure I feel like I deserve it for 2012. Didn't quite feel up to the usual--but I'm glad you think I'm still doing good things.

  10. Add another star to that Award, John. I'm sending it right back atcha. Post going up!

    1. Very cool! Thanks, Bev. Of course I immediately changed the badge to reflect that second star.

  11. Add another star, John. Here's to your blog.

    Have a look:

  12. Only just seen this – congratulations, John, and ta for the nod!


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